Window Cleaning Services, with Pure Water Technology.


Exterior windows will be cleaned with a Pure Water Fed Pole system which uses telescopic poles and 100% pure water.

 1) BETTER CLEANING RESULTS – The advantage of PURE WATER is that it absorbs large amounts of dirt. The process involves brushing your windows clean with PURE WATER, they will be left wet and will dry naturally however once dry your windows WILL be clean and smear free.

2) HEALTH AND SAFETY: Legislation now limits the use of ladders until all other alternatives have been considered. No telescopic lifts needed. The Water Fed Pole system is a safer and more viable alternative for window cleaning.

3) ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Only PURE WATER is used no detergents or chemicals!

4) IMPROVED SERVICE: We can now reach inaccessible windows up to 25 meters ( 6 floor building) from the ground. Without the need of telescopepic lifts or cranes

Why Pure Water?
Pure water has no contaminants. The mineral-free water provides incredible cleaning action and spot free windows without using a chemical. It keeps windows cleaner longer leaving no residue or build up on the surface

What is a Water Fed Pole: Our Water Fed Pole is a light-weight, 25 meters, carbon fiber, telescoping pole that delivers the pure water to the brush used to scrub the windows.

How It Works:  The pure water supplying the Water Fed Pole and brush causes the impurities on the glass to be attracted to and suspended in the pure water.  The glass is then given a final rinse with pure water to leave the glass totally sterile.  Your windows are then left to dry spotless, as there are no contaminants to squeegee or wipe off.

Disinfectant services

Due to very high demand we now offer robotic dry mist disinfectant services. 

Bio eco friendly, Airborne hydrogen peroxide. Which is the ECHA and Government guidelines. We have teamed up with DNA Medical supplies for an exclusive service that is the only Government certified product. 

This product has only been offered to Hospitals and clinic. Now every can have to same Clinical standard.

Please contact us for more information.